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2019 Champions: 

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SUSHISAMBA and Duck&Waffle

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Fantastic grounds with competition standard 7 a side pitches.

10min group matches, 15min knockout stages & 20 min finals.

max 15 players per squad. All must be over 18 years old.

The reigning champions from 2018 are Park Plaza Westminster Bridge

Registration opens at 9am & kick-off is at 10am.

News: 2019 tournament winners get their very own Big Bus Victory Tour week after event! 


1. Teams, Number of players & Substitutions

  • 7 players on each side including goalkeeper (7 Vs 7)

  • Teams allowed up to 8 substitutes (squads of 15 players)

  • Substitutes to remain in “substitute area” by halfway line on side of pitch

  • Unlimited roll on/off substitutes (referee to be alerted prior to making substitution)

2. General rules

  • Ball allowed over head height

  • Goalkeeper NOT allowed to handle from a pass-back from own team mate

  • Goal kicks to be taken from dead ball, anywhere within penalty area

  • Defending players to stand 5 yards from ball for free kicks

  • Penalties to be taken from edge of penalty area (or penalty sport), with no limitation on run-up

  • Automatic sudden death penalties for knockout stages (no extra time)

  • Players allowed inside and able to score within penalty areas

  • 7 aside pitches marked with 16ft x 7ft match goals

  • No offside rule

  • Match timings as follows:

    • Group matches to be 10 minutes one way (no half time)

    • Knock-out stages to be 15 minutes one way (no half time)

    • Final to be 20 minutes one way (two halves of 10 minutes)

  • Overhead throw ins as normal (both feet on the ground)


3. Bookings, suspensions and match forfeits

  • Bookings:

    • Yellow cards will be issued for deliberate handball and reckless challenges. Two bookings would mean a one match suspension during tournament

    • Red cards will be issued for serious foul /dangerous play (resulting in two match suspension), or violent and abusive behaviour (resulting in suspension from entire tournament).

  • Teams must be ready for matches 5 minutes before allocated kick off time. Teams who fail to field a side 5 minutes after allocated kick off time will forfeit the match (with a 3-0 score-line awarded to opposition)


4. Kit & Equipment

  • Appropriate kit & footwear to be warn by all players

  • Shin pads to be warn by all players (players will be refused on pitch without shin pads)

  • All jewellery to be removed before entering the field of play

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