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What's it all about?

As the brainchild of Fred Sirieix, National Waiters’ Day aims to celebrate and promote the hospitality industry as an exciting profession, with a particular focus on waiters. Inspired by the original ‘course des garçons de café’ which began over a century ago in France, the Waiters’ Day competition involves hundreds of waiters racing with trays of water and bottles without spilling or dropping anything. Springboard’s National Waiters’ Day race raised over £30,000 in 2018 to go towards Springboard’s FAB programme which helps those with barriers to employment to achieve sustainable careers in the hospitality industry.

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A 100m Sprint

Without spilling

the tray, water 

and bottle

Dressed in your best waiters outfit!

Want To Get Involved?

You can pre-register your interest in the 2020 National Waiters' Day races.

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