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2019 Champions: 


aka Bloomsbury Ballers

LHF Groups 2019 Softball_19.08.19.png


Join us for our 3rd tournament for the hospitality industry

Runs are scored by players getting around all the bases and back home.

Once each player has bat, batters then swap with the fielding team.

Teams of 12 players max. Must be 50/50 mixed in gender.

Best team sport for your staff to get involved & bond.

The reigning champs from 2018 is Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill


  • The pitcher pitches the softball underarm in an arc over home plate. The arc should be between 6 and 12 feet before the ball passes over the plate between the batter's knees and shoulders.  If it does, the pitch is a Strike.  Strikes are the good pitches to swing at.

  • If the pitch doesn't pass over home plate and/or is below the knees or over the shoulders, it's a Ball and shouldn't be swung at.  If you swing at a ball and miss that makes it a strike … so don't swing at pitches that are really wide, low or high.

  • Three Strikes means the batter is out.  Four Balls is a Walk, which means the batter gets on base for free. 

  • Once a batter has hit the ball into fair territory, he or she should run to first base and stay on the base unless it's a bigger hit and you can run on to second or third base, or even back to home, which will score a run.

  • If it's a smaller hit stay on first base and wait until a teammate hits the ball or receives a walk before running to the next base.

  • You can run past first base (so you don't lose speed trying to get there) and then slow down after you have touched the base, without the risk of being tagged out.  But at second and third base you must stop on the base and not run past it, or you might be tagged out.

  • Base runners must stand on the base until the ball is hit.  It is important that base runners touch every base with their foot while running around the bases. If the other team notices you missed a base and the umpire also saw it, you can be called out.  


There are three main ways of getting Outs:

  1. Catching - a batted ball before it hits the ground.  Any base runners should go back to the base they were occupying when this happens.

  2. Strike out - three strikes make an out.  A strike can be a swing and miss, leaving a good pitch that is called a strike or hitting a foul ball (a ball that does not go into fair territory).

  3. Out at a base - the ball is thrown to a base before the runner gets there and the fielder stands on the base while holding the ball.

 The umpires and coaches are there to help, so please don't be shy about asking.

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